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Lavender Micro Bakery

A family home-based micro bakery in Birmingham. Slow fermented, artisan sourdough products.

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Phone: 07463 888257

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We are a family home-based micro bakery in Birmingham. We produce slow fermented, artisan sourdough products which are made from organic flours.

All our breads are yeast-free.


I have started baking sourdough breads 6 years ago, when my son was born, and healthy foods became even more important for us. At the beginning I made breads for the family only, but later, I wanted to let other people know what the real bread means: flour, water, salt and a little bit of patience. Without any additives, artificial ingredients.

Now we deliver freshly baked sourdough bread weekly to local people. You can find our bread in local restaurant cafes in the breakfast menu or in tradition bakery shops as well.

We are not just baking bread. We connect you with the past with our genuine, sourdough bread. A traditional bite in a technological era.

Sourdough products: White, 20% wholemeal, Malted with seeds , White baguette

White tin
● olives
●sun-dried tomatoes and olives

100% tin bread



●cinnamon and walnuts
●chocolate and hazelnuts

Linzer biscuit

Chocolate brownie

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