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Krisztina Design

One of the great ambassadors of hand embroidery. Personalised embroired textiles and wooden goodies.

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Phone: 0775 896 0242

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Krisztina, the founder and the owner of Krisztinadesign is an authentic folk artist. Her aim is to celebrate the beautiful Hungarian folk art originally from her home town in Hungary. The motives are representing the colourful field of the land, drawn on fabric to be embroidered or painted on wood or porcelain. The flowers can decorate any everyday goodies: clothes, home textiles, accessories, porcelains in the kitchen or any wooden gifts, all are perfect to be used every day or to be given as a present to your loved ones. All of her items are carefully handmade: hand embroidered and hand painted which adds the soul and the heart of the maker to the precious product.

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